TROY BATTERIES was produced on the modern machine systerm with USA technology. Beside that, It have been operated by a team of experienced engineers and technicians. Therefore, TROY BATTERIES have long lifetime, strong current and suitable for vary environment


Batteries were produced with high quality raw materials along with strict quality management process in each stage. Troy- Dry dry charged battery for SLI always have strong power, long life and good discharge ability . It meets international standards such as IEC60095-1, IEC60095-2, JIS D 5301, JIS D 5302,...These are products favored by customers and received good feedbacks from consumers.


TROY's Dry charged batteries are designed in a variety of types. which can be used for rickshaw, lighting, electric jack, motorbike, car and boat etc. Depending on different capacity of the machine, there will be battery suitable for it. TROY's Dry charged batteries have strong structure, high amperage and extremely limit plate corresion during using


The main function of motocycle battery is the power source for starting. Therefore, the important is ability ofdischarging with strong current in a short time. With deep charging and discharging features and long durability. Troy - Motocycle Battery is especially suitable for motorcycles.


During the development progress, the company is constantly innovating and improving production equipment. In Vietnam, Enimac is only battery company who using the most modern Lead Strip and Expanding machine systerm, which has the strongest impact on the quality of the battery. The pastingprocess is used by a continuous pasting machine make the plates with consistent quality. The weight is strolled strickly for each plate. It helps to shorten cycle time and reduce amount of waste which is smallest to protect environment. Most of the equipment for controlling and monitoring the operation of production lines are designed and supplied by famous corporations in manufacturing machines, combined with strict QMS according to ISO 9001: 2018.


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