ENIMAC BATTERY was produced on the modernest production line which are imported from Sovema group in Italy. Beside that, Enimac have been using the materials come from many famous brands in the world such as: France, Italy, USA, Australia, Korea, Japan,etc. ENIMAC battery always keep going to research and develop to provide the best product with the strongest power for all vehicles and various purposes.


Dry charged batteries are suitable for trucks and buses, with durable and powerful features over time.


VRLA-AGM battery series, is the most modern technology applied to motorcycle batteries of domestic and imported brands.


As a good quality product in the deep discharge battery kinds, electric vehicle batteries have a thick plate to increase the number of charging and discharging times.


During the development progress, the company is constantly innovating and improving production equipment. In Vietnam, Enimac is only battery company who using the most modern Lead Strip and Expanding machine systerm, which has the strongest impact on the quality of the battery. The pastingprocess is used by a continuous pasting machine make the plates with consistent quality. The weight is strolled strickly for each plate. It helps to shorten cycle time and reduce amount of waste which is smallest to protect environment. Most of the equipment for controlling and monitoring the operation of production lines are designed and supplied by famous corporations in manufacturing machines, combined with strict QMS according to IATF 16949.


Eni-Florence Battery JSC congratulates the 10th anniversary of the Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Force

Over the past 10 years, the Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Force has dispatched more than 1,500 Fisheries Surveillance vessels to patrol, inspect, and control fisheries in […]

Enimac – Silver sponsor of the UIM F2024H1O International Professional Powerboat Race and UIM – ABP AQUABIKE

The UIM F2024H1O International Professional Powerboat Race and UIM – ABP AQUABIKE is  held for the first time in Vietnam with the participation of veteran […]

Eni-Florence Company – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

As Christmas and the New Year approaches, Eni-Florence Company wishes to extend the warmest greetings to all of the partners, the customers, and the employees. […]


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