Habits that make your car break down quickly

Thinking that driving a car only needs regular car care and maintenance, but surely many people will not expect that the very habits in operating the car below can also be the reason for serious damage. irreparable importance for your “pet car”.

 1. Try to drive when the gas tank is about to run out

Regularly leaving your car in low fuel conditions can cause the fuel pump to overheat and wear out. The fuel at the bottom of a car’s tank is often filled with impurities such as deposits and debris that can clog the fuel filter and lines, which will cost you repairs. You should keep the gas in the tank always at least about a quarter.

Do not often drive in low gas condition

2. Turn the steering wheel or hold the steering wheel

When you hold or rotate the steering wheel, all the details and the steering system will have to work to the maximum. Therefore, if you see the steering wheel when you see the steering wheel, you should release the steering wheel a bit (about 2 – 5 degrees), so the details of the power steering system will be reduced and operate more durable.

Do not turn the steering wheel or hold the steering wheel

3. Do not wait for the machine to heat up

The habit of fast starting is especially harmful to diesel vehicles. Therefore, before running, you should wait until the car is warm enough after turning on the engine, especially in cold weather or the car has not been used for a long time.

 4. Rushing through potholes

Rushing through potholes can break the tire or the entire suspension will be pushed backwards, deflecting the caster angle. The caster angle is very difficult to adjust, if it is deviated, it will cause a steering wheel.

Do not rush through potholes

5. Carrying too heavy

While many people often think that this does not affect the car too much, they do not know that it is this habit that causes the weight of the car to increase, adversely affecting fuel consumption, reducing the system. shocks and brakes.

Not only that, leaving a lot of things in the car also makes the interior space in the car dirty, or causes unpleasant odors.

Do not carry too heavy items

6. Step on the gas right when starting, go fast, brake hard

The habit of going fast, braking quickly is also very common in some drivers. This both wastes fuel, damages the brake system, and damages the tripod as well as some other details.

Do not press hard on the gas when starting, go fast, brake hard

 7. Ignore the warning icons

The warning lights on the tablo board are not naturally bright, it only lights up when your car is having problems. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to these warnings, it may not cause immediate danger to your car, but after a continuous period of time, it is likely that you will have to spend a lot of money on car repairs.

 Don’t care about the warning icon

8. Continuous braking when going downhill

When the brake has to work continuously at high speed, inertia and great friction will cause the brake disc and brake pads to heat up, which can burn, leading to brake failure. In addition, due to working under high pressure, the hydraulic system may be disabled.

Do not apply the brakes continuously when going downhill

9. Do not use the handbrake

For automatic transmission vehicles, even when parking on a flat road and in P mode, the driver should still use the handbrake. When parking, the entire weight of the vehicle is concentrated on a very small part only the size of a finger, the parking pawl. This is a very easy part to wear or break, so pulling the handbrake is a measure to help support and increase the life of the parking pin.

Use the handbrake when parking

10. Frequently climbing the sidewalk or on the sidewalk the wrong way

If you hit hard on the sidewalk, where the terrain is uneven, the entire system such as the stabilizer bar, the inner steering wheel of the suspension system will be deflected, causing the wheel angle to be deflected. When traveling on the road, the driver will feel the steering wheel. Therefore, when climbing on the sidewalk, it is necessary to go slowly with a large enough approach angle to avoid hitting the ground.

It is necessary to limit the parking of high-wheeled vehicles with low wheels. If you park like this for a long time continuously, it will cause the parts of the undercarriage to be affected and damaged unevenly.

Limit parking on high wheels and low wheels

11. Close the door hard

This is also the habit of many people. The forceful closing of the door can cause a lot of damage to the components inside or near the door such as speakers, electric motor, glass door gasket, plastic levers, etc. After a while, the door tapi may become loose. loose and make noise.

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