Welcome to Eni-Florence
Welcome to Eni-Florence
Welcome to Eni-Florence


Eni- Florence Battery Joint stock Company Established in 2012, Located in Khanh Phu industrial zone, Ninh Binh Province, Viet Nam. Total land area of 12 hectares, 45 Million USD total investment Eni- Florence Vietnam Co., Ltd. Has two premium brand ENIMAC and TROY with diverse categories that can meet the demand for civil, cars, boats and VRLA battery for motorcycle.

In Viet Nam now, only Eni- Florence Battery Joint stock Company uses the modest technology that is “Lead STRIP and EXPANDER” machine to produce Maintenance Free Battery. A robust equipment which eliminate all defect happening with grid cast-grid plate such as flash, broken, air trap and drastically improve our quality in-terms of determining its high durability, anti-corrosion and long lifetime. Most of the equipment for controlling and monitoring the operation of the production line is designed and supplied by well-known corporations of machine manufacturing, combined with strict management process IATF 16949

Eni- Florence Battery Joint stock Company

Add: Lot C12, Khanh Phu Industrial Zone, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam.

Tel: (+84) 2293 762 678

Fax: (+84) 2293 762 345

Da Nang O-ce

Add: 168 Ly Thai Tong, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Tel: (+84) 2363.921.665 - (+84) 2363.921.666

Fax: (+84) 2363.921.667

HCM Office

Add: 146-148 Cong Hoa Street, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (+84) 2839.453.447

Guarantee: 0229.3762.679

In order to produce high quality grids, Eni-Florence Co.,ltd invested the most morden machine which is Lead strip and Expanding machine to improve the quality of positive grids and negative grids. Lead strip is stretched via six balls which eliminated all defect happening with grid casting machine such as ¬ash, broken, air trap...and drastically improve quality of grid card such as high durability, anti corrosion and long lifetime. Pasting process is used by Continuous Pasting machine make the plates with consistent quality.

The weight is strolled strickly for each plate. It helps to shorten cycle time and reduce amount of waste which is smallest to protect environment During the production process, the incoming materials and the output product must under strict quality control of QA . Incoming materials are imported mainly from famous suppliers in the world and along with a team of experienced and skilled engineers, we believe and commit to providing high quality products to the market.

Currently, the company's products have been exported to Myanmar, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Oman, Dubai, the UAE and some Middle East countries with an increasing orders. Beside that, Eni-Florence Vietnam Co.,ltd was nominated to be a supplier of THACO, FORD and VINFAST

With the current development both market and technology, we uses a continuous improvement and apply innovation to make our company sustain its market needs and to make our product reliable to whatever the market condition is. The company are consistently providing a high end quality products with superior energy sources for all types of vehicles and other intended used. This is a product with stability, absolute durability and safety during use. With outstanding advantages, ENI-FLORENCE CO.,LTD’s battery is always the first choice for domestic and foreign consumers

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