Motorcycle batteries can explode due to mistakes made by users

The incident causing the battery to explode is extremely dangerous to human and vehicle lives. Therefore, the user must not ignore the causes and signs leading to this condition.

The cause of the battery explosion

In order to avoid the risk of exploding the motorcycle battery, vehicle owners need to be aware of the main causes leading to this phenomenon:

The battery is shorted the negative (-) and the anode (+):

Due to accidental conductive devices such as alkali, wrench, and wires falling between the two poles, short-circuiting the two electrodes, at that time, the discharge current through the flask is very large, causing the temperature to rise very quickly and cause the tank to explode.

Exposure to sparks while charging the battery:

This is a common mistake that many people make. Because when charging lead acid batteries, there will be 2 flammable gases hydrogen and oxygen are created. If there is a fire-causing agent such as welding sparks, cigarette butts, strong friction … then this mixture will cause a fire in a closed environment (inside the bottle), resulting in high temperature and pressure, causing explosion. Therefore, when charging the lead-acid battery, people often have to open the vent valve cover. With the battery sealed thfi the possibility of explosion due to charging will be much lower.

Due to overload for a long time:

While charging, it is necessary to keep the battery temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. Overcharging, overvoltage will result in the battery overheating, leading to a rapid reduction in battery life and especially can cause explode if the temperature is too high. Therefore, the temperature should be monitored at all times during the charging period. If the temperature of the tank is rising, reduce the charge current to ½ of the current charge and continue monitoring.

Battery explosion prevention

To avoid this unfortunate accident, you should pay attention to the following issues:

When the vehicle shows signs of no explosion, do not press the button continuously, because at that time we are pressing the electric room battery continuously with starting current, but the starting current is very large so the possibility of exploding the tank is very high .

When repairing, replacing the battery, absolutely avoid dropping anything between the two cylinders or tightening the connections that are not tight, this leads to the possibility of short-term, causing the bottle to explode.

The water battery has not been maintained, checked or filled for a long time, it is very likely that the electrolyte solution will dry out. After the engine is turned on, the battery will be recharged again, the recharging process will dry the battery, the solution increases the temperature very quickly and explodes.

When you see the water drying quickly, the heater needs to check the motorcycle charger, maybe the charger is damaged and this is also the cause of overcurrent, overvoltage leading to the battery exploding.

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